"Thank you for an amazing 1-on-1 Coaching Session!  Going into my session with Suzanne, I had two major challenges.  1) Connecting the dots of my online business, and 2) I'm not tech savvy - Suzanne's 1-on-1 step-by-step consult was exactly what I needed. She listened to my needs and effectively delivered a session that helped me accomplish my online goals.  In addition to her willingness to go the extra mile, Suzanne also sent me a recording of our session.  I can review my session as often as I need."
          -Patricia Young, Fashion Instructor and Online Course Provider, 

"Suzanne did a brilliant job in designing my new website. What I especially appreciated was her ability to help me in marketing my business. She has a vast knowledge about social marketing, search engine optimization, and how to target my audience. She works tirelessly to get the job done on time, and she's a pleasure to work with. She had so many ideas to help me develop my business that she surpassed my expectations in every way."
          - Jim Zuckerman, Photographer and International Photo Tour Guide, Jim's Website

"Suzanne Feinberg is a very strong, focused and creative Photography Marketing builder who is an extremely informative and strong Speaker. I have had the privilege to work with her on several presentations at ASMP Phoenix/AZ. She is also talented with innovative ideas in Social Media that compliment her Marketing and Research skills. She is able to pinpoint what works and does not. I continue to rely on Suzanne's many talents along with her expertise in the Photo business with our local ASMP chapter and with my own Photography business."
          -Scott Farrence, F2pix Photography, ASMP AZ/Phoenix Chapter President

"Suzanne and Brad Feinberg of PowerVision360 have been incredible to work with! As a customer service representative and later working in the marketing department at, I have seen Suzanne push the design elements of our product to it's limits, which we have featured on our Website and in a Webinar series! Her creative genius is something everyone at our office admires."
          -Danny Allegrezza, Formerly at Photobiz, Currently Software Engineer at aWhere

"I really loved the professional hints that you peppered throughout your webinar."
          -Michael E. Stern, Time Lapse Photographer

"Taking the online workshop from Suzanne Feinberg and PowerVision360 has been a revelation in terms of quality of service provided, plus the connectivity between the providers and students in the course...Having a course that can change and evolve to meet different student expectations has been so helpful to me, living in New Zealand where my needs were different from perhaps - New York!...Suzanne is a superb communicator, able to relate to each of her students on a personal level.  I would recommend this course to anyone that needs to improve management and communication skills in the digital age.... 
          - Brian Batchelder, Asset Imaging

"I have learned valuable skills from both Brad and Suzanne Feinberg in Architectural photography and post processing to produce images that clients want to purchase.  They are excellent instructors and have a wealth of knowledge in both technical photography skills and marketing photography businesses to boost your bottom line.  I am excited to hear that they are offering a course to photographers on business processes and how to market/sell online courses to photography instructors."
          - Wendy Turner, Wendy Turner Photography 

"Suzanne is smart, very knowledgeable and has a great insight into marketing photography businesses.  She is well connected to technology and photography experts and quickly absorbs all the new technologies.  She has helped me to grow my photography business and has been a priceless resource.  Having Suzanne Feinberg on your team is a sure way to get ahead of the curve.  She is simply one of the best social networking analysts and communication experts out there."
          - Rudy Gutierrez, Onview360

 "Several years ago, I made the move into photography.  I struggled to develop a salable product and to market myself to clients, but then I met Suzanne Feinberg.  She mentored me, helping to create a successful and professional business model and to improve my photographic skills.  Without Suzanne's help, inspiration and encouragement, its likely I'd still be struggling.  Thank you Suzanne."
          - Dave Williamson, Key Real Estate Photography

 "I learned a great deal from Suzanne Feinberg about how to best market my product to bring in the most business.  Suzanne guided and encouraged me to participate in home shows in my state which proved to be a very profitable addition to my business.  I appreciated all the advice and business knowledge that Suzanne shared with me.  I learned a great deal from her.
          - Theresa Sander, Independent Consultant, Creative Design Business in Wisconsin.

"Brad - Thanks for your time this morning. It was really nice of you to take the time for a 1 on 1 session with me this morning. It extends that personal touch showing how much you care about our success to your students and made me feel special! .... Thanks again and have a fabulous day!
          - Karyn Murphy, Homeviews