Burst Marketing Lab (February 2016) $1,295.00
A new lab is starting up on February 1st, 2016. This is a one year long program for professional photographers who want to (or already) offer online courses, destination workshops or photography tours. You start the year by setting your 90 day goal for the first quarter (every quarter we set a new goal). Each quarter pulls you closer to your year end goal. Through a process that includes video training, live sessions, practicums, quizzes and assessments (and other interactive learning tools) you will be involved in creating a successful plan for each of the 4 sessions. Although we state there are 100 students in each lab, most of the time, we cut off registration when we hit 50 to allow for more personal interaction between instructors and participants.
Seats available: 100
Seats available until: 1/31/2017
Total Price: $1,295.00