Co-Founder: Suzanne Feinberg

As I look around the world of my professional photography peers, I am constantly amazed at how many do business literally from camera to client and don’t have the time or business skills to create a successful business environment. Yes, they develop a website (usually strong only in their portfolio). Yes, they have a blog - but don’t set up a regular blogging schedule. Yes, they have social media - but personal and business lines are blurred. What seems to be lacking in today’s photography industry is structure and basic business practices.

Over the last 9 years, I have developed a coaching and mentoring practice with image makers over 3 continents and have formalized my programs into an online professional development center using the most up-to-date technology to be found in the education industry. My online courses concentrate on Business Development and Best Business Practices for media arts professionals. I am a adjunct professor at the Art Institute of Phoenix in the Media Arts Department. I teach students the art of doing business as a photographer as well as web development, social media and marketing.

I am so excited to announce our courses designed to help photographers increase their revenues and set up best business practices.  Using my business experience, teaching experience and successful development of my own online courses - I have developed these new courses to teach skills leading to successfully filling courses, workshops and tours with attendees through online marketing and internet interaction.  

My first love is sharing knowledge and skills with other photographers. I have been fortunate in my career as an entrepreneur to have been mentored by the best in the visual arts industry. Mentoring sometimes was given freely to me and sometimes I paid heavily for very valuable information and skills that moved me forward in my career faster than just looking for information on the internet.

I continue to give back to the photographic community with speaking engagements throughout the United States and through service as the past  Treasurer, Program Chair and Sponsor Chair on the Board of Directors of the Phoenix, Arizona chapter of ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers). I started and moderate three closed Facebook and LinkedIn groups.   

Past Adjunct Faculty - Art Institute of Phoenix, Teaches Business Principles in the Media Arts Department.
Cert of Adv Studies - Thunderbird International School of Global Mgt - Arizona State Univ
BA - Emory University
Conversion Marketing Certification - LeadPages
Certified Content Marketing Specialist - Digital Marketer
Certified Search Marketing Specialist - Digital Marketer
Commercial Photography and Video - Shooting, Processing, Marketing, Managing Business - 9 Years
Corp. Work - Otis Elevator Headquarters, Finance Dept
IDESCO Corp. - Marketing and Product Manager
Scottsdale Leadership Training - Class XIV Graduate

Pets: Alfie the Poodle and Mia the Kat
Art Quilter
Loves the Grand Circle of National Parks in Arizona and Utah
Macro Photographer - Personal Hobby Concentrating on Frogs, Reptiles, Tarantulas mentored by my dear friends Canon Explorer of Light Adam Jones as well as my very special friend International Travel, Tour and Workshop Photographer Jim Zuckerman