Co-Founder: Brad Feinberg

My timing was great…and lucky, as I was fortunate to be able to launch my professional career just as digital imaging technologies were being developed and made available to a wide range of professionals in the commercial, industrial and governmental lines of business. I’m deeply appreciative of the imaging professionals at both Kodak and Polaroid for the digital imaging training I received. This technical training, which in combination with a academic background in architecture and business; provided the foundations for what has been and continues to be a most interesting and rewarding professional journey.

Over the past several years, as a practicing architectural photographer I was able to train with and learn photography and video techniques from the top pros in the business. People like Canon Explorer of Light Photographers Adam Jones, Vincent LaForet and Gil Smith, Television Director and Producer Carl Barth, International Travel and Tour Photographer Jim Zuckerman and internationally known Architecture Photographers Tim Griffith and Norman McGrath. All of these esteemed professionals deeply influenced me in profound ways as to how I communicated my craft to others, my colleague, peers and occasionally even the friendly competitor.

I was offered the opportunity to serve as an ongoing adjunct professor at the Art Institutes, teaching architectural photography. Here, in this teaching capacity working with emerging professional image makers. I developed the true passion for passing information, training, mentoring; and commit myself to educating others in the same vein as I was so freely given knowledge by others.

I had consistently observed that many technically qualified photographers were entering the marketplace, but too few of these photographers were equipped with the business skills to build the foundation needed to grow and sustain their business in a reliable and repeatable formula leading to years of success and profits.  I noticed that although professional photographers were capable of getting quantities of followers - they were not the followers who wanted to buy the services provided by the photographer.  I became determined to help these photographers grow more successful and reach the audiences that wanted to buy from them.

Thus, I made the decision to de-emphasize my own “behind the camera” instruction and focus on helping photographers, grow and nurture their business through the lens of establishing fundamental solid best business practices.

In addition to providing teaching, mentoring and business consultation at PowerVision360 Production, I continue teaching at the Arts Institute, serve on speakers forums and speak frequently at professional photography and mixed media organizations. I’m active with ASMP, PPA, International Association of Architectural Photographers (IAAP) and the Association of Independent Architectural Photographers (AIAP).