What is the Burst Marketing Lab?  

Perhaps the best explanation is to say what it is not.  

It is not a membership site, it is not an online course and it is not just about the community.  

The Burst Marketing Lab is all about you and your business. The Burst Marketing Lab is a 12 month program - broken out into monthly topical segments each with its own goals and objectives.  At the end of each segment you will have not only the tools to implement your plan, but also the necessary insights and knowledge to grow your business in the direction you need to take it to increase revenues and profits.  

By combining the best of membership groups, online courses and communities, the participant in the Burst Marketing Lab will come out of the program with the understanding of business concepts that go beyond the ever changing technology world.  The Participant will be able to make the determination as to which technologies are worth pursuing by relating them directly back to the goals and expectations felt about their own business.

Secret Facebook Group:  A discussion group that follows the monthly topic.  Weekly content is uploaded and discussion questions allow Lab Participants to interact with our facilitators and group members.  Resource links to valuable content are made available.  Available for Basic, Pro and Premium participants.

Monthly Coaching Calls:  A one hour group coaching call covering each monthly topic will help Lab Participants progress and improve their knowledge and implement the skills learned.  Each call will consist of - answers to the most common questions in the Facebook group, online lesson in the monthly topic that will give the Lab Participant new or improved skills and pro-resources. Available for Pro and Premium participants.

Content Portal:  The portal stores all of the basic content as well as premium content.  All monthly content calls are stored here for replay.   Premium content such as online courses is provided to participants. Available for Premium participants.

We have a 60 Day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee for annual subscriptions.  Just email us that you would like to cancel during the 60 day period and we will refund your payment.




Bonus #1:  VIP Planning Retreat - Full Day Virtual Retreat
Sign Up for a Basic, Pro or Premium Subscription and Receive:
A structured day of learning and implementation.
4 Live Lab Sessions/4 Practicum Community Sessions
Subject:  Create your own VIP Days to Generate Needed Income

Bonus #2:  Ticket to VIP Scottsdale, AZ Event
Sign Up for a Pro or Premium Subscription and Receive:
This fall the Burst Marketing Lab opens its doors in Scottsdale, AZ.
This is a 2 day event, but as a bonus we give you Day #3 included in the Lab Tuition.

Bonus #3: 2017 Inaugural Year of the Lab
Sign Up for a Premium subscription by May 31, 2017:
Become a participant in the Burst Marketing Lab by June 1, 2017 and you will automatically receive Foundation Member Status. Foundation Members are always first to get the hot seat, get a discount on all future Lab offerings and more!.